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Technology Adoption Forecasts and Product Roadmaps

How we can help you

When you’re developing a new technology for a nascent market, it is challenging to find information about the market size, market growth rate and your likely market share; this data is rarely available as part of syndicated research.  However, having access to this information is vitally important to underpin investment decisions as it tells you about the market opportunity for your product, your potential performance across different geographies and sectors and deepens your understanding of the impact of wider industry trends on customer buying behaviour.  Milner can provide you with this information using its bespoke market forecasting service so you can develop your product roadmap accordingly.

Technology adoption forecasts

We offer a unique strategic lens through which to see your market. We build market forecast models tailored exactly to your requirements that tell you about how the market will develop, including your market size, market growth rate and future market share.  The bespoke output mirrors your exact target market, analysing all the aspects that you require, which allows you to make decisions and grow your business.

In order to achieve this, we carry out the following activities:

  • Detailed primary and secondary research
  • Diffusion modelling is a specialist technique used to predict technology rollout. We use Diffusion of Innovation theory and Market Lifecycle analysis to build a market forecast model, which tells you about the size of the opportunity for your product over time. This gives you access to quantified insights about customers, segments, competitors, products, price points, and regions or countries
  • Our market forecast models also help you understand the changing customer requirements, both historically and in the future.  This provides information on technology adoption, technology cannibalisation, growth of different geographies and the importance of different sectors over different time horizons. You then can plan your product portfolio so that you develop the right products to meet these requirements at the right time
  • We forecast pricing trends and product trends, so you can ensure that your product roadmap is fit for purpose and that you have the right products available for the right segments at the right prices
  • This information is invaluable to develop a compelling product strategy and provide rationale for investment

Our analysts here at Milner are highly experienced at answering challenging questions and provide you with clear insights, conclusions and recommendations to help you develop your business plan and strategy for the future of the technology.


Diffusion of Innovation. Source: Rogers, 2003

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