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Strategy handbook

‘The Milner Strategy Handbook: 12 tools to help your business succeed’

This handbook explains the 12 key strategic tools that CEOs and leadership teams use to drive their business. The handbook answers important questions such as ‘Why be strategic?’ and explains the strategic planning process in detail. The tools fall into 4 categories:

• Analysing the market
• Generating strategic options
• Deciding between options
• Measuring success
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Forecasting the Future for Profit

‘Forecasting the Future for Profit: Using forecast models to better understand your market and outperform the competition’

This white paper explains the role of the market model in strategy and planning, market theories, model theories, how to structure and refine a market model and the benefits of using a market model. These strategic and economic benefits include cost reduction, time saving, the ability to use expertise not effort, the potential to derive first mover advantage, pre-planned reaction to market fluctuations and clearer employee and investor communication. To download click here


‘10 Steps to Success in Mergers and Acquisitions: If you don’t study history you are condemned to re-live it’

This white paper reviews the factors which affect the success and failure of mergers. The information is taken from the academic and industrial literature since 1967. The review focuses on the post-acquisition, merger phase. To download click here





This national report forecasts the market size and structure of Quantum Enabling Photon Sources 2018 – 2022.






Full Case Studies

Market Analysis

BT: Internal Investment Decision Disect Systems: Proof of Market Study HTC: Modelling Future Market Dynamics LumOptica: Proof of Market Study
MCP: Market Expansion Evaluation Morgan Advanced Materials: Evaluating Revenue Growth Opportunities Openreach: Understanding Changing Market Dynamics Rescon: Proof of Market Study
ScannerFutures: Proof of Market Study Trusted Renewables: Market Evaluation Study Wheatley: Market Attractiveness Assessment


Strategy Formulation

Accanto Systems: Strategy Workshop Ariana Pharma: Strategy Workshop Lopo Innovation: Entering the UK Market (EN)(CN) Xintec: Corporate Strategy Formulation
X-on: Corporate Strategy Workshop


Marketing and PR Programmes

Arqiva: Smart Metering Product Programme Coderus: Corporate Rebranding Innovation Martlesham: Brand Creation IV Offshore: PR Campaign and Thought Leadership Survey
Subex: Global Brand Building


Client testimonials

“We chose Milner to help us understand the explosive growth of the emergent Smartphone and Tablet markets because they had a unique take on looking both forwards and backwards to tell a coherent, dynamic market story through strategic modelling.”

Fiona Naughton – VP, Global Marketing, HTC Corporation

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