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“I chose Milner to carry out a proof of market study for our glutathione sensor technology due to their previous expertise in carrying out work under the TSB Proof of Market grant. To gauge the size of the potential opportunity for glutathione, they carried out structured interviews with industry experts across our 3 potential sectors. This was combined with extensive secondary research to model and forecast the market for the sensor over the next 20 years, analysing which markets would adopt the technology first, the relative size of different sectors, the rollout across different institutions, key disease areas and much more.   I have been impressed by both the depth of research, along with the economic model creation that now allows me to get a modifiable estimate of the potential of our glutathione sensor technology in terms of revenue and has informed me on how and where to invest, over time, in this technology.  Their insightful recommendations have enabled me to make informed strategic decisions about my business, and gave me the confidence to drive forward with the technology.”

Dr Tom Dawson
Managing Director, Rescon

Case Study Summary

Rescon Case Study Screen Shot

Rescon chose Milner Strategic Marketing Ltd to carry out a ‘Proof of Market’ study to determine the commercial opportunity for a glutathione (antioxidant) sensor technology. Rescon chose Milner due to their experience in modelling unexplored markets and previous work under the TSB grant.

Milner conducted primary and secondary research and modelled the potential market for glutathione testing, resulting in strategic recommendations around research needs, sector focus and target countries.  This gave Rescon the confidence to invest further in the glutathione sensor.  Click here to view the full case study

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About Rescon

Rescon was founded by Dr. Tom Dawson, a human performance specialist.   Rescon’s mission is simple: to improve population and individual health using technology and collaboration.   Dr. Dawson has assigned extensive Intellectual Property to Rescon across biomedical technology areas including medical and lifestyle communications/algorithms, multi-tiered virtual networks, data visualisation, hybrid sensor systems and electrochemical detection.

Since January 2011, Rescon has worked with Government, Third sector, Academic and Industry customers/partners to provide comprehensive solutions for real world problems.

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Company Size: 10-15 employees


Industry: Bio-Medical Research

Founded: 2011

HQ: Farnborough, UK