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Growing Company Value

Milner Strategic Marketing Ltd specialises in applying marketing-based methodologies to grow company value

Market Analysis

Milner Strategic Marketing Ltd has a track record in market definition. Identifying and understanding your market is a vital requirement for market growth

Strategy Formulation

Milner Strategic Marketing Ltd can help you define your strategic and tactical objectives and drive the valuation of your company

Marketing and PR Programmes

Milner Strategic Marketing Ltd can help increase your brand visibility, engage with customers and provide differentiation from competitors

Case Studies

HTC Logo

Client Feedback “We chose Milner to help us understand the explosive growth of the emergent Smartphone and Tablet markets because they had a unique take …
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Meet The Team

team-nickmilner Nick Milner
Managing Director

Dr Nick Milner is the Managing Director at Milner Strategic Marketing Ltd. He has over 30 years’ experience in the international telecoms and IT industry …
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About us

Milner Strategic Marketing Ltd is a business consultancy. We deliver a range of services from strategic management consultancy through to specific marketing and PR programmes.

Our clients come to us because they need help with: