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Is winter coming? The rise and fall of Artificial Intelligence

There is no doubt in my mind that Artificial Intelligence (or AI as it is more commonly referred to) will revolutionise both our work and …
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Marketing in the digital age – using technology to win more customers

Technology. Marketing. Marks and Spencer. These 3 things might sound like odd companions, but M&S is breaking new ground for high street fashion with its …
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3 communications lessons we can learn from Donald Trump

Like or loathe him (and there are very few people who sit on the fence – the man is marmite) there’s no denying that the …
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Michael Phelps Visualising the Future

Going for gold – what Michael Phelps can teach us about corporate strategy

Michael Phelps has become the most decorated Olympian of all time.  A key focus behind Phelps’ success is the way he visualises the future.  This …
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How to be like IBM: Using thought leadership to build your brand

Thought leadership is the current ‘hot topic’ in marketing, and I recently came across a website (White Space) that ranks thought leaders and gives some …
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Brexit: using scenario planning to re-evaluate your corporate strategy

As the dust starts to settle after Brexit, we need to analyse what the impacts will be on our market and consider how this will …
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Building a wall from blocks

Should you answer strategic questions directly or decompose them?

Many strategic marketing decisions require answers to challenging questions which often relate to the fundamental growth of our businesses – new market entry, product launches, …
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Milner Decision Making Picture

Making decisions based on sound data – why it can be dangerous to follow the herd

Having access to accurate market forecasts is important to any business that believes in making data-based decisions.  The keyword here is ‘accurate’, an inaccurate forecast …
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Brexit: what the contradictory forecasts mean for your company’s business planning

Everywhere in the UK news at the moment, I read about the potential economic impact of Brexit. Both campaigning parties appear to be presenting contradictory …
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Boxing Buisiness People

Does the best product always win?

Last week I attended the Google I/O Extended event at Adastral Park in the UK and watched Google showcase its new products.  One product that …
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