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Client Feedback

“Scannerfutures is a medical devices research company. We commissioned Milner to conduct a proof of market study for a new scanning device. They carried out structured interviews with clinicians/experts in the field and combined these primary investigations with additional desk research. They analysed the results and reported back to us on the market opportunity, market size, pricing and competitor offerings. We value their strategic thinking highly and the way they combined this with detailed research to give us recommendations on a number of areas including product requirements, technology exploitation options, market positioning and opportunity evaluations. We are using Milner’s market study as a core component of our discussions with investors and potential partners.”

Derek Brinkley
CEO, Scannerfutures

Case Study Summary

Milner Strategic Marketing Ltd carried out a Technology Strategy Board (TSB) funded ‘Proof of Market’ study to gauge the commercial opportunity for a new medical scanning technology.

Milner conducted primary and secondary research on the medical imaging market and used this to build a market forecast model.  A final report that included a set of recommendations on product requirements, technology exploitation, market positioning and opportunity evaluations was prepared and presented back to the Scannerfutures leadership team. Click here to read the full case study

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Type: Privately Held

Company Size: 1-10 employees

Industry: Biotechnology

Founded: 2010

HQ: Innovation Martlesham, Suffolk, United Kingdom