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Increasing Sales Effectiveness

How we can help you

Clients come to Milner to help improve their sales effectiveness.  It is all too easy for sales teams to be stretched too thinly and to lack the focus needed to grow the revenue they bring in.  If you would like to provide your business with information to help identify new areas of revenue growth, track performance in different geographies and identify emerging opportunities, then we can help you.

How to improve sales effectiveness

We believe that a fundamental principle of effective sales activities is to understand your target customers in detail and be armed with information about the amount of money spent by different sectors in different geographies and how this is going to change over time.  This will allow you to target resources against the most attractive market opportunities.

These insights are provided by:

  • Undertaking detailed primary and secondary market research
  • Building a market forecast model that tells you about the size of the opportunity for your product.  This gives you access to quantified insights about customers, segments, competitors, products, price points, and regions or countries
  • Our market forecast models also help you understand the changing customer requirements, both historically and in the future.  This provides information on technology adoption rates, growth of different geographies and the importance of different sectors over different time horizons
  • We forecast pricing trends and product trends, so you can ensure that your product roadmap is fit for purpose and that you have the right products available for the right segments at the right prices. This will help you to grow your market share and continue to be competitive

Once you understand how you’re currently performing against your competition in your different markets, we can provide insights and recommendations to help you develop a strategy to increase your sales effectiveness for the future.

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We would be happy to explain more about how we have helped previous clients and provided actionable market insights to develop market winning strategies.

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