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Milner joins mentor group for the Innovation Martlesham Incubator


Milner is one of Innovation Martlesham’s first mentors. This provides emerging enterprises with an opportunity to work with Nick Milner, Jonathan Davenport and Jessica Suranyi-Hammond, who will provide knowledge of business strategy and marketing and show how this can be harnessed to achieve financial success.

Innovation Martlesham is an established high-tech cluster of ICT companies located at Adastral Park, BT’s Innovation and Design campus at Martlesham Heath, Suffolk.  Through events and networking opportunities, it provides a collaborative environment for ICT companies who want to be co-located with some of the world’s leading ICT companies.  It also offers a business incubator to nurture technology companies in their early stages.

The new Innovation Martlesham Incubator will nurture technology companies in the early stages, providing rent-free office space for the first six months, as well as practical support and advice to help them develop their products, identify their customer base and get their product to market.

In a recent article published in the East Anglian Daily Times, Nick Milner said “It gets them on the learning curve very quickly, … it’s about understanding who your real customers are and what market you’re in, right through to the practical aspects of developing the product and taking it to market”.

For a full listing of the Innovation Martlesham mentors, visit the IM website.

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