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Review your strategy in a Cambridge College






I am currently working with a client on what will be our 31st Strategy Workshop.  Over the last 10 years, clients have come to us with a variety of strategy requirements;

“We want to review our current strategy because our market is changing”

“We need to make our strategy more focussed – like a laser not a shotgun”

“We are great at planning but we don’t really have a strategy

“Our leadership team has changed so we want to get everyone on the same page

If you are thinking about your strategy for 2017 and beyond, then we have something NEW.  You and the team need time and space to work through your options.  Does running your strategy review in a Cambridge College sound interesting?  As those who have worked with us know, we run the workshop in whichever town or country makes sense for our client.  So if Cambridge isn’t the right location for you, no problem.

Strategy development

To help you get what you need, we have a process that we customise for every client. Broadly, there are five stages to the process;


Stage 1. Agree workshop scope, main questions and draft agenda

Stage 2. Hold interviews with attendees and carry out any secondary (desk) research

Stage 3. Create workshop content with attendees and develop workshop exercises

Stage 4. Run the Strategy Workshop (1 or 2 days depending on your needs)

Stage 5. After the workshop, we write your Strategy document for you to review


If you are thinking about a strategy review now, then the time from start to finish can be as little as 3 weeks but most companies need more time.  There is the practical challenge of finding a time when all your team are available for the workshop.  Also, we need time to schedule and run the interviews with your team, analyse the results and create your workshop content.

Why companies like our approach

Let’s start with outputs.  At the end of the process you will have a strategy document that your senior team developed and contributed to as a group.  It is a 100% bespoke document that you all understand and own.  Everyone will be clear about the strategic direction of the different functional parts of the business and how they combine together into a single, coherent company strategy.

Our clients also like our approach to developing strategy.  It is really clear and all the attendees are interviewed and contribute to the creation of the Workshop material.  Although the Workshop is demanding (as it should be), previous leadership teams report how much they enjoy it.  Your leadership’s time is valuable so the agenda timetable is brisk but there will be time for your big strategic questions to be considered.

If you are thinking that this sounds useful, why don’t we have a chat about your specific situation? Please contact me and we can see if our approach is right for you.  Look forward to hearing from you.


Nick Milner

Tel: +44 (0)1473 633124



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