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Scenario Planning

How we can help you

We offer a unique strategic lens through which to see your market. We build market forecast models tailored exactly to your requirements that tell you about your market size, market growth rate and market share. This tells you about the market opportunity, your performance across different geographies and sectors and deepens your understanding of the impact of wider industry trends on customer buying behaviour. The bespoke output mirrors your view of the market, analysing all the aspects that you require, which allows you to make decisions and grow your business.

Scenario planning

  • We run bespoke workshops to help you explore a range of possible futures
  • The future is unknown and by nature uncertain. We use scenario planning to help you explore what the future might look like
  • The process starts by identifying the market drivers that could affect the future. These variables are rated based on their potential impact and the level of uncertainty we have about them happening. The high impact, high uncertainty variables are investigated in detail, because the other variables either have a low impact or are already accounted for in strategic planning due to their high certainty
  • The final step is to understand how each of the most probable scenarios interact simultaneously. This is written as a single narrative telling the ‘story’ of the future market. Alternatively, a contingency plan can be written for each possible scenario, allowing you to pre-plan your response and act first to gain competitive advantage

Scenario Planning Steps

We have extracted a piece that explains more about scenario planning from ‘The Milner Strategy Handbook: 12 tools to help your business succeed’.  Please click on the link above to download a pdf copy.

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