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Client Feedback

“We have just completed a two-day company strategy workshop designed and run by Nick Milner.  He interviewed each member of the management team before the workshop and designed an agenda that covered specifically what we needed.  He prepared material to bring into the workshop to maximise our use of time and ran detailed syndicate exercises during the workshop to capture our analysis.  A few days after we completed the workshop, Nick sent me a draft strategy document and a complete set of all the supporting material.  We started using the draft strategy document immediately and it is driving a number of key workstreams. This was a very worthwhile activity.”

Sean Killeen,
CEO, Xintec

Case Study Summary


Milner developed and drafted a corporate strategy for XINTEC, a Dublin-headquartered telecoms software company. All key members of the leadership team attended both the strategy workshop and follow-up calls to ensure the strategy was rigorously tested, agreed and implemented.

The reported benefits included clarifying the company mission and purpose, rapid strategic buy-in across the team and condensing the company strategy into less than 15 slides. Click here to read the full case study

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About Xintec

XINTEC specialises in the development of innovative and cost-efficient Fraud Management Systems (FMS) and Revenue Assurance (RA) software solutions. The company was founded in 2007 in a bid to respond to industry-specific threats affecting the profitability of communication service providers (CSPs), and a clearly identified need to better protect revenues and maximize profitability. XINTEC is focused on giving CSPs greater visibility of and control over their critical subscriber data, in real time, through the use of advanced data processing software.

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Type: Privately Held

Company Size: 10 - 50 employees


Industry: High-Tech

Founded: 2007

HQ: Dublin, Ireland