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Trusted Renewables

Client Feedback

“We chose Milner to help us understand the size of the nascent market for Community Based Energy Schemes in the UK.  The team at Milner forecast how energy would be produced through micro generation and consumed locally in rural areas. Their work provided us with a very detailed understanding of the most probable market dynamics over the next five years.  The Excel model was very well thought through, with a clear structure.  This proved that there was a market which could be exploited and we are very happy with the results.”

Colin Mallett
Managing Director, Trusted Renewables Ltd

Case Study Summary

Trusted Renewables Ltd was exploring the feasibility of new digital value chains arising from managed interconnected smart energy clusters in rural areas.

Milner conducted secondary research and modelled the potential market for Trusted Renewables, resulting in strategic insights around customer segments, mix of micro-generation and target geographies. By quantifying the core market trends early on, Milner helped prove that there was market to be exploited. Click here to view full Case Study

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About Trusted Renewables

Trusted Renewables Ltd is a UK-based renewables and environment company. The management team are specialists from telecoms, computing and IT security industry with a world-class track record of innovation.

Founded in 2008, the company provides focussed thought leadership to exploit and commercialise innovation in ICT for renewable energy, carbon reduction and smart metering. It is developing a secure and trusted architecture based upon best practice for e-commerce, applicable to the renewable energy and carbon reduction fields.

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Type: Privately Held

Company Size: 1-10 employees


Industry: Renewables & Environment

Founded: 2008

HQ: Martlesham, UK