Quantum Technology Enterprise Programme

Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre


“The Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre (QTEC) at the University of Bristol is a world-leading hub that trains entrepreneurially minded quantum systems engineers and connects them with the National Quantum Technology (QT) Programme. We commissioned Milner to deliver customised consultancy and a workshop to accelerate the business plans for four of our quantum start-up companies. Milner worked with me to design the process and agenda and coached the individual companies on their plans over the 6 weeks leading up to the workshop. The companies made significant progress before and during the workshop and the results were exceptional. The feedback from all involved has been universally positive and we are planning to use Milner again for our subsequent quantum businesses.”

Jane Garrett, Enterprise Lead
Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre



Together, the University of Bristol and Cranfield University aim to create a world-leading hub to train entrepreneurially minded quantum systems engineers and connect them with the National Quantum Technology (QT) Programme. It will bring together companies, investors, and the facilities and skills essential for incubation of early-stage businesses in the emerging quantum technology industry. QTEC focusses on four key areas:

  • Quantum Technologies
  • Systems and Design Engineering
  • Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Connectivity and Networks

The QTEC programme supports postgraduate qualified individuals through the Quantum Enterprise Fellowship Programme. Throughout the programme, fellows will develop skills in quantum engineering, business and enterprise allowing them to become the leaders and entrepreneurs who will take quantum science discoveries out of the lab and into society.

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Website: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/qtec/

Industry: Quantum Technology

HQ: Bristol