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Client Feedback

“After winning an Innovate UK Proof of Market grant, we needed an expert consultancy to carry out the market sizing part of the project. We selected Milner Strategic Marketing to undertake this work because of its independence, market forecasting experience and collaborative approach. 

We were really impressed with the work Milner did for us – a very comprehensive market model that forecast the changing dynamics in the market.  We were particularly interested to find out the quantified value of the sectors for our invention, which will help us plan which sectors to target in the future and tailor the product to meet their needs.

This project was very useful to us and Milner’s work will help us now in moving forward – we can use it to develop our strategy and write follow-on proposals for further funding.”

Dr Craig Stacey
CEO and Consultant, LumOptica

Case Study Summary

LumOptica CoverLumOptica wanted to quantify the market for its fibre optic component heater invention as part of an Innovate UK funded Proof of Market project.

To provide this market intelligence, Milner constructed a global forecast model. The model showed the volume and value of the current electric component heater market and the introduction of fibre optic technology over a 10-year forecast period, across 4 named countries and 5 sectors. The output from the model will allow LumOptica to plan its long-term strategy and to gain future investment. Click here to view full Case Study

Our Services

About LumOptica

LumOptica is a new UK-based R&D consultancy, bringing decades of experience in the optics, laser and infrared domains. The company assists clients who provide optical-based systems or solutions which could benefit from optical methods.

LumOptica offers:

  • Consultancy and training in optical and laser-based systems
  • Optical systems design and simulation
  • Laboratory facility providing experimental validation through to test and evaluation

Born out of the closure of the research centre of one of the world’s largest defence, aerospace and security companies, LumOptica is well-placed to provide authoritative services and world-class expertise in cross-disciplinary sectors.

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Type: Privately Held

Company Size: 1-10 employees


Industry: R&D Consultancy

Founded: 2015

HQ: Bristol, UK