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3 PR Lessons we can learn from Brexit

The hour draws near. What was merely an idea 26 months ago will become a reality in October. Or some version of reality. Or might …
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Review your strategy in a Cambridge College

        I am currently working with a client on what will be our 31st Strategy Workshop.  Over the last 10 years, clients …
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Impressive marks for Kay in Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma

Kay Sharpington passed her final Chartered Institute of Marketing module (Digital Strategy) with the impressive mark of 95%. As a result she gained a Distinction …
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Branding tech businesses – Dr Nick Milner’s top observations based on 25 years of learning

What comes to mind when you think of branding? I’m willing to bet that it’s not 13th century Italian armour, but that’s where it all …
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Sure leadership in an unsure world

Whatever your business exposure to the EU market, clear thinking and leadership will be needed as we enter a period of economic uncertainty.  If you …
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Why do smart companies seem keener to forecast the market?

At EE’s London office this week, Milner’s Head of Market Analysis, Jonathan Davenport, gave a presentation at a Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) event …
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Software pricing strategy – licence or perpetual?

Customers have changed the way they want to buy software. Historically all software was sold with a perpetual licence, meaning the customer could use the …
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SWOT for experts

According to research by the Advanced Institute of Management Research, SWOT analysis is the most popular strategy tool (used in nearly 80% of companies). Despite …
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Strategy direction

What’s your strategy for 2016?

Our white paper ‘Forecasting the Future for Profit’ has continued to be widely read since it was published in 2014. A new article based on …
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Getting your PR in shape for 2016

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to start planning for 2016. Earlier in the year Milner’s Strategic PR Manager, Chloe Purcell, spoke …
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