Quantum Innovate UK Grant Authoring Photon Sources

QLM Technology


“I asked Milner for help with reviewing my Innovate UK Quantum Sensing grant application. Working to short timeframes, Milner proof read, edited and wrote new content for the application, focusing on the key points that differentiate QLM and creating a clear and compelling narrative. The grant application was successful and I am looking forward to getting started on the project. It’s been a pleasure working with Milner.”

Dr Xiao Ai, CTO
QLM Technology

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ABOUT QLM Technology

QLM Technology sets out to tackle the global problem of natural gas (methane) leaks from well-heads and pipeline transportation, which currently cost the industry greater than $6bn annually. We set out to develop a quantum sensing solution capable of remotely detecting and quantifying the lowest leak rate required by the industry, out to a 100-metre operational distance. It is lightweight and low power and when mounted on a drone can deliver a 30 mph full coverage surveying speed.

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Type: Limited Company

Company Size: 1-10 employees

Website: http://www.qlmtec.com/

Industry: Quantum Oil and Gas Instrumentation

Founded: 2017

HQ: Bristol, UK