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“Milner Ltd started our PR programme from scratch, doing everything from identifying our target media and building up a distribution list to writing and distributing press releases, writing case studies, and writing feature articles which have been adopted by leading industry titles. We have been really impressed with their performance and cost-effectiveness and have recently used them to build our website and help with an international trade show stand design. They are a great team to work with, and really go the extra mile to understand our industry, company and requirements.”

Saul Nurtman, Managing Director, Junifer Systems

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About Junifer Systems

Founded in 2009, Junifer Systems is a privately owned business created by an experienced team with a proven track record in building successful technology businesses.

The Junifer Systems team has utilised their strong background in the complex Telecoms billing sector to provide highly efficient, flexible and cost effective back-office solutions for the utilities and telco markets.

Junifer is focused on developing the critical software applications to power the new “Smart World” where large volumes, innovative products/pricing and customer satisfaction will become the operational focus for utility operators.  With the momentum resulting from the nationwide and international rollout of Smart Meters, utility operators must seek to adapt their operational stack to take advantage of the rich information delivered by the next-generation meters.  The Junifer Product Suite is designed to take automatic readings from disparate meters to provide end customers with accurate, usage-based bills that correctly reflect the energy consumption within the household or business, in a timely manner.

For the modern Telco providing wholesale interconnect voice and data services, Junifer provides best-in-breed products to support both current and next generation requirements.  The in-depth business and technology experience of the Junifer team is reflected in its technology product suite, which provides the operator with genuine competitive advantage and a solid platform for launching new products and services.

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Junifer Systems
Website: http://www.junifersystems.com

Industry: Utilities Billing

HQ: London, England