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“I wanted to review and develop our company strategy with my senior management team. I selected Nick Milner because of his reputation and I liked his structured and practical approach. He worked with me to develop a detailed two-day agenda, then spoke to each member of the team to produce the workshop material. During the workshop there was a useful mix of presentations, discussions and syndicate work which Nick used to draft the next version of our strategy. We had tight deadlines but he took us through the whole process in time for an important milestone. I have a highly experienced and clinically knowledgeable management team and Nick worked really effectively with them. I would recommend him.”

Michael Stocum

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About Inivata

Inivata is a global clinical cancer genomics company employing the precision of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) to improve personalized healthcare in oncology.

What we do
Using a simple blood test, ctDNA analysis is a new tool for oncologists to detect cancer, stratify patients, and monitor individual response to treatment.
A non-invasive liquid biopsy offers a revolution in how cancer is detected, monitored and treated, providing the potential for frequent tumor profiling and a more personalized approach to cancer care.
Inivata works with leading industry and academic researchers to develop new clinical applications for liquid biopsy and ctDNA analysis.
Our ambition is to provide genuine and practical benefits to the healthcare industry, from physicians and patients, to pharmaceutical companies and payers.

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Type: Privately held

Company Size: 11-50 employees


Industry: Biotechnology

Founded: 2014

HQ: North Carolina